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Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to equip marriage champions, couples, and families with evidence-based skills and insights to foster healthy relationships.  We Value:

  • Service - Our passion to empower you

  • Quality - Prioritizing professionalism and attention to detail

  • Partnership - Embracing opportunities to collaborate

  • Generosity - Operating out of a mindset of abundance

  • Teamwork - Working toward a common purpose

Prepare-Enrich® Facilitator Training

Ideal for Counselors, Priests, Pastors, and Lay Ministers

March 15, 2019

9:00 AM-4:30 PM

Fee: $195.00, Lunch and material included

101 E 8th St Suite 110

Vancouver, WA. 98660

Registration deadline: 01/01/2018

PREPARE/ENRICH® is a registered trademark and used with permission

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