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Brenda Bible, LICSW Welcomes You

Two Dried Leaves
Perhaps I am stronger than I think.
Thomas Merton

A Bit About Therapy With Me

I provide a safe and confidential, supportive environment where my clients are able to explore their personal issues. My initial session always begins with a full psychosocial assessment and together we will identify and set goals for you so that you have a positive outcome in your treatment. I am down to earth, warm, compassionate, informative, strengths-based and never hesitate to use my sense of humor in session. I like to establish a comfortable trusting relationship so individuals feel open to share their toughest problems and I begin at the place where my "clients are at." 

I will be the first to acknowledge that it is not always easy to choose counseling nor is it easy work while in therapy. I admire the hard work and dedication clients demonstrate as they overcome their personal issues. I am always honored to walk that journey with them.

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Contact Me

717 NE 61st ST. Suite 202, Vancouver, WA 98665


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